What happened to my car?

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Have you ever woken up and looked out the window to see that your car is not where you parked it? What’s your first thought? Did someone steal my car? Then you might remember, did I put my parking pass where it is supposed to be, or it was late last night and did I accidentally park in a handicapped spot. There are many more reasons your vehicle might have been towed, but what do you do in finding your vehicle. The best thing to do would be to look for signs of a tow company in your community parking lot. Their name should be posted on the sign. If you aren’t seeing any signs, the next thing to do would be to call your local police department where your vehicle was towed from and they will get information from you so they can find if a tow company did tow your vehicle. Tow companies have to report cars that are towed to the local police department. Times might vary based on states and/or cities on how long they have. I would discourage just calling all tow companies in your area especially at 2 am looking for your vehicle. Some shops might not be open all night anyway, so it is not only a waste of your time, but you might be waking up companies that might not have towed your vehicle anyways, and that’s also not fair to them. Lots of tow companies, like ours, do not do private property towing, so again let’s be fair and not just pick up a phone and call all tow companies. Hopefully, this info will help to find out who did tow your vehicle.

Can I ride in the tow truck during Covid?

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Although, we tow companies love to have passengers in our trucks to keep us company, during these times we tow companies are asking customers to plan ahead and try to have another ride ready when we get there to not only keep customers safe but also our drivers safe, so we can keep helping getting vehicles off the roads. Hopefully, as more people get vaccinated we will return to giving rides when needed. We will at no circumstances leave you on the side of a road. We will wait with you or drop you off at a safe location close by for you to be picked up. Under no circumstances are you able to ride in your vehicle on the back of the tow truck for safety’s sake. Let’s all do our part and keep our distance and mask up till that time comes!

How much does it cost to tow a car?

Quality Roadside Service and Tow Truck | Accident Recovery | Annapolis | MD

There are many variables in the cost of towing a car such as what kind of vehicle being towed (light-duty example: Ford Ranger, med. duty example: Ford F350), car location (garage, street parked, parking lot), the reason for tow such as a mechanical breakdown or accident tow (could need additional equipment loading or securing plus possible cleanup), time of tow (after 10 pm-5 am additional fees may apply), how many miles being towed, will the vehicle go into neutral
Costs start around $85. 00 – $125.00 + $4.00 a mile.

Motorcycle Towing Service

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Here at Quality Roadside Service & Towing, we proudly offer quality motorcycle towing services to all the riders in the area. If you need your motorcycle moved for any reason, do not hesitate to call us. With 24/7 service, we can guarantee safe transportation of your motorcycle provided by professionals at any time. Whether you simply need to relocate your motorcycle or you happen to find yourself in an emergency situation, our team will be ready to help.

Quality Roadside Service & Towing has an edge over its average competitor. This is seen in our promising 20+ years of experience. By relying on us to tow your motorcycle, you are relying on top-of-the-line equipment and experienced professionals to transport your motorcycle while leaving it looking just as beautiful as when we picked it up. Not only that, but our rates are affordable to the average customer, making our service available to everybody.

Emergency Towing Service

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When you need a tow, it’s important that you call a towing company that is trustworthy, experienced and professional. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you can count on Quality Roadside Service to help you with any sort of issue you’re facing with your car, truck or motorcycle.

Need a tow? Just give us a call at (443) 713-6490 and we’ll be on our way to help. We can perform various services on the spot, such as lockouts; or we can tow your vehicle to a mechanic to get it fixed if the issue can’t be resolved on the side of the road.

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